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Our Dreams

Our dream is to inspire people to think differently rather than do what they're told. Because those who think differently change the world. Our character provides a new outlet for people to become big dreamers, because with a little imagination, we can do anything we set our minds to. This is what we aspire to be for generations to come, to instill in a new generation a new way of thinking.

Herman Hester

CEO of King Comics and King Studios. Creating a comics book company  has been a dream of mine for years. Last year I asked some of my friends to join King Comics and King Studios to help me bring my dream to reality. What this company means so much to me, and I hope we can inspire some people to do whatever it is they love. What I want people to learn is they couldn't worry about what people think about them. I want people to think differently. It's ok to be weird, being weird just means that you're creative. There's nothing wrong with that!!!!. I hope that you guys will support our dream and help us create an empire that will inspire generations.

Ricardo Coleman

The Chief Financial Officer of King Comics and King Studios. Background information:
Joined King Comics to straighten out the legal works and to give advice as part of the board of directors. Along with maintenance King Comics website. Finding vendors and all the behind the scenes administrative aspects of the business. 

Marcel Chambers

I’ve Joined King Comics / King Studios because I want to be known for what I do which is drawing. Ive completed our first comic titled “The Adventures of PB & J.” The two main characters PB and J, goes on random adventures to save “Foodtown” from “The Evil Chef.” The idea of PB and J came to me one day. While I was eating PB and J. Since then I've been try to come up with other story’s as simple. while trying to keep the stories interesting as well. Volume #1 of the story is out, Volume #2 is coming soon.